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Di., 23. Juli



Merging in Motion

We will dedicate this 9 days journey to explore our body’s intuition THIS IS A FUNDED PROJECT so check out the incerdible conditions to join almost for free

Merging in Motion
Merging in Motion

Time & Location

23. Juli 2024, 13:00 – 31. Juli 2024, 13:00

Schangnau, Mühle, 6197 Schangnau, Schweiz

About The Event


To let ourselves be guided by our body’s impulses. Into movement and back to stillness. In and out of contact. Into new creative freedom. Learning to stay present in our bodies by giving allowance to what is. Letting ourselves be surprised. And starting to trust in the deep knowledge that lies in every cell.

Through dance improvisation, bodywork and body therapy, the team will provide a vivid landscape for your personal and artistic journey.

The structure of the program will give you the freedom and at the same time responsibility, to come with your own curiosity and motivation. And to shape this project in a way, that it supports your own experience and allows a rich exchange in the international group.

We merge together our approaches to movement, dancing and our relation to our own body

we explore the the many different levels of relating to each other...

And we create a process oriented form of creativ expression...

🌊 Co-creating our journey together 🌊

In collaboration with ...

David a movement enthusiast, teacher and researcher 

Camilla a freelance dancer, curios maker and teacher based in Berlin

Ananda trained in Gestalt Therapy and involved in creating spaces about embodiment, dance, sensuality, exploring needs and boundaries.

Jana an organiser of different movement gatherings and community explorer

Miri a dancer and artist and a magician in preparing delicous meals for us

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