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About the practice

This practice doesn't aim for a specific expression, form or technique; rather it is rooted on principles that we explore through direct experience in our bodies. 

These principles enable us to cultivate a state of being that is setting the ground for relating, connecting and subsequently engaging, dancing and playing.

The content of the practice is one aspect, on the other side it is as much relevant and essential the kind of container that I and WE create. Read more here

[ a t t u n e m e n t ]


Insights from choosing this name... An invitation and specific tools to … check the ground, connect inside, tune your own instrument, therefore enter a process of tuning with the partner/s; sometimes it is “just” about that. Within the tuning the dance is already happening. Nothing to add, nothing to achieve. Expanding, while searching for the attunement and in that space of unknown meet, dance and grow together. And the good news is that whenever the attunement feels lost, it can always be found again, a process of re-connection, so to be able to enjoy the disconnection too.


The principles are not meant to be fully attained or learned; instead, they indicate to us a direction for the process.


In the workshop we orient the exploration on these principles, but in the end what matters are not concepts, ideas, beliefs, but the experience you can make with your body and witness with your mind. We wish to expand the capacity to recognise what is happening, nuancing the experience.

AND I / we don't claim that I / we have invented any of these principals: read more about here



Staying with what is there.
As simple as it sounds, it is all about crafting this fine line of being present with what is on all levels:  physical, relational, emotional, mental, and so on. 

The art of “presencing", a never ending beautiful practice through which we can eventually allow the mind to calm down and just act as witness so that our body has time and space to embrace and respond accordingly at every moment: resilient, available and sensible as it is naturally designed to function.


​Confrontation is first of all a space where we meet and it has potential for conflict or for connection. By cultivating not fighting, not forcing and not running away, we can widen our capacity to stay with what is there and therefore cultivate connection, within yourself and with the other/s.


When we rely on each other physically by playing with mutual support, we create a unified, interconnected body that communicates and moves together by necessity. We like to explore what it means to commit to the “necessity of the dance”: a dimension of inevitability in which it is not about adding or interpreting, but more about listening and allowing to be moved by (by each other, by the field, by the inside out.. ).


Moving together beyond guiding & following, beyond established roles and patterns of communication. 

We meet in a space where we gradually feel safer to let go of control, inside our own self and therefore into each other.
In this space of allowance we can see the patterns and eventually choose what is functional and what is compromising the flow and the collaboration.
Together we let the unknown unfold and take us in endless possibilities. 


We want to be moved through and from a place of NON-Action and of undoing to free ourselves from what is hindering the flow and the connection to naturally unfold.
In that sense we don't want to add anything, we don't want to plan. Undoing towards continuity and flow active and engaged with what is present.


Discovering Expansion and Contraction as core movements, we learn to transform relaxation into a pathway for expansion & opening rather than collapsing. We re-learn how to join and ride the movement of the Tides from within. This cycle, if undisturbed, releases lots of energy, strength and life force.


About the container

We wish to create warm and welcoming spaces where everybody feels comfortable in being with what is.
To this purpose, the practice itself supports this space because we are not orienting ourselves toward "how it should look" or what is "right or wrong." It is about the experience one can have in the body, and everybody has the capacity to experience it, regardless of the movement backgrounds. Of course having already cultivated a ground of listening and awareness to the body and to the body in motion it will support the process, yet the practice might ask to let go of certain patterns and enjoy a space of rediscovery.

It is dear to us to create a safer space with lots of care for oneself. In the practice, we focus on not forcing, not fighting, and from a foundation of integrity, embracing what is there. Translating these principles on a level of self-care, we encourage everyone not to push themselves and to constantly find out what is needed. So, on all levels, we want to craft the direction of what can be undone, dissolved, changed so that our systems can expand, relax, open… instead of contract, fight, collapse;

supporting therefore one's self-regulation.

In the practice, we are cultivating sensitivity, openness, and availability. Therefore, it can wash up emotions and move the inner world. All feelings are very much welcome to be present if they unfold, and we trust that the principles of the practice and the quality/intelligence of the container can support you in "staying with what is there" ;) But we want to specify that these workshops and events are not therapeutic spaces! So, a certain amount of self-management and self-regulation is required before diving too deep into something.

We invite you to practice transparent communication, within yourself first. And since the work is relational, we constantly practice the art of feed-backing. We aim to allow the body to communicate needs, boundaries, insights, understandings, yet we open a space for clear verbal communication with each other to fundamentally support the process. It will be helpful to stay aligned with the direction of the container of learning beyond right and wrong and appearance also when sharing feedback.
Therefore, taking responsibility for what we feel, see and bring into the space and into the relationships.

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