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About the practice

non-fighting CONFRONTATION

In a gentle way, we explore confrontative dance/movement encounters. How can I stay calm, present and available, instead of going into fight- or -flight- patterns? How can I embrace what there is and respond to the situation instead of reacting ?

We experience how confrontation can be a door for a honest encounter that feeds the connection

engaged UNDOING

"Stop doing" creates space for something new to unfold, that we can ride together.

What can I stop doing to be more available, present and in a shared and new flow of never-ending possibilities?

We learn not to add, not to force, not to plan and experience instead being/ staying with what there is in the interaction/ in the dance

INTEGRITY in motion

We explore the alignment of the moving body interplaying with the emotional and relation levels. This opens an astonishing quality of wholeness and with this interconnectedness we deepen our capacity to stay with the fullness in every moment.


Inspired by


The content of the practice is inspired by the PLAY-FIGHT PRACTICE of Bruno Caverna FormlessArts

Since several years David is following the playfight practice and is now engaging to become an official play-fight facilitator.
"playfull" is inspired by Davids approach and interpretation of the astonishing rich and precise practice of Bruno Caverna.

David (30) is coming from a background of circus acrobatics, slackline, contact improvisation and martial arts like Capoeira and Aikido.
A main focus in Davids movement landscape is playing and looking for a state of flow. Curiosity is the motor, connection the nourishment. 


About me

Being moved

engaged UNDOING

Realting & Relying

Past Events


3 Day Intensive with Ester Braga in Ins (25-27 February)

5 Days Retreat with Ester Braga in Luino (IT)  (29 June - 3 July)

1 Day Workshop at YummY Jam Gathering in Ticino (8-11 September)

2 Workshops at Connectival (DE) (21-26 September)
1 Day Workshop in Freiburg (6.Nov)
3 Day Intensive in Freiburg (25-27.Nov)

5 Day Reatreat with Ester Braga in Faido (1-5. Dez) 


1 Day Workshop in Bern (25. February)

3 Day Intensiv in Freiburg (28.-30. April)
3 Day Intensiv in Bern (5-7 Mai)
3 Day Intensiv with Ester Braga (26-28 Mai)
3 Intensiv Workshops at Estatic Dance Lab (07-11 Juni)


3 Workshops at Mocona Gathering (Switzerland) 

1/2 Day Workshop in Bern (15 October) 

1/2 Day Workshop in Bern (27 October) 

1/2 Day Workshop in Bern (12 November) 

1 Day Workshop in ins (21 November)


2  Workshops at Mocona Gathering (Switzerland)

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